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Nation Wars IV : A holidays banquet

Nation Wars IV : A holidays banquet

Christmas is just around the corner and, for the occasion, O'Gaming offers an exeptional menu from December 8th until January 21st. We hope you brought an apetite for OGaming's specialty : Nation Wars !

Nation Wars IV under the Christmas tree



No time to joke around, the cat is out of the bag, yes, Nation Wars is coming back for a fourth edition and it's almost already there ! Through the years, the national team tournament became one of the most expected clash of the season. In partnership with Blizzard, O'Gaming sets a glorious table. For the new-comers, lets explain the format in three phases :

  • Phase one : Players who fit the requirements register to be on the run for their national team's election.
  • Phase two : Fans all over the world will vote for their favorite players, in each country. Three starting players and one substitute will be elected to form each national team.
  • Phase three : The elected teams will battle until there is only one left !


From December 8th to December 12th, players willing to represent their nation will have to register on this page. Players are required to be GM on any server except SEA at least one season in 2016, after all NationWars remains a gathering of skillfull individuals !

Between December 13th and 19th, it's you  who gets to decide who's worthy of representing their nations and you can cast a vote for three players for every country. Everything's on the menu !

The Chef's Specials

The entire tournament is played in "all-kill' format. When a player loses, a fellow countryman will take it's place and try to take down the winner. When a team has all it's players down, member of the team will decide amongst them who to revive in a last ditch attempt. Every match will be bo7 untill the finals in bo9.

Two main courses :


Qualifiers on December 21st to only keep the best products and lower the team number to 16.

Following will be the classic yet tasy group stage in GSL format : 

- Group A : December  22nd and 23rd
- Group B : January 2nd and 3rd
- Group C : January 4th and 5th
- Group D : January 6th and 7th

The eight remaining teams will be drawn in a single elimination bracket and the first round (ro8) will be played online on January 8th.

In studio

After the quarter finals are played  will remain the four best national teams in the world. But what's for desert ? 30 000 $ of prizepool to share ! The champions will receive  $15 000, the finalists $7500 and the semi-finalists $3750.

And since we wan't the title of best team in the world to be beyond questioning, the playoffs (ro4 and finals) will be played offline in O'GamingTV's studios.
Players will face eye to eye, skill to skill in a fair environment.

Semifinals and grand finals will be played live on January 21st

Impeccable service

To bring you such a tremendous menu, you need a top notch team of trained professionals.

Pomf ; Thud ; Imre ; Funka ; Koka ; Yogo ; TKL ; MoMaN and Ailye will be your french hosts and commentators here : http://www.ogaming.tv/sc2

For our english speaking guests, ToD ; Rotterdam ; FunKa and ZombieGrub will take care of the international stream here : http://www.ogaming.tv/inter

And of course NationWars would not be truly itself without it's community streams, you can follow the action in multiple languages :

Don't forget to visit the Nation Wars IV website.
If you would like any additional info regarding the tournament, please feel free to contact our tournament director
@DrAeromi ; the official Twitter account @NationWarsSC2 on Twitter or the Facebook page

Sit down comfortably and enjoy a 5 star meal with Nation Wars IV by O'Gaming in partnership with Blizzard ! Bon appétit !

Translation by FunKa

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